Bag-Making Masterclass (Upgrade Your Skill)

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This Course is loaded with valuable content (videos, Photos, PDF) that will literally change your Bag-making business forever.

You will learn how you can look at any bag of your interest and magically interpret how it was designed.

I will also work you through how you can go a step further to knowing and understanding how many pieces the bag has and the measurement for the bag just by looking at it through your phone or from a distance. This will help you never to ask for bag measurements again, instead, you will manufacture your own measurements as you desire!

I will expand to you my system of drafting unique, and fashionable bag patterns both manually and digitally. This means that after this course, you will be able to make any bag that catches your interest! Wow!!! How wonderful is that?! That means the only reason you won’t make a particular design is if you don’t like it not because you don’t know how to go about it.

You will learn the important tools and materials that can make your work easier and neater, their uses, what they look like, and where you can buy them from if you need them for your own craft.

I will work you through the cutting process, this is not your regular leather cutting, because you will learn how to use the pattern that you drafted to cut out your leather, interfacing, and lining.

You will learn how to make 3 different designs of bags, and you will also be able to make any design of your choice outside of these 3.

You will also learn how to do short videos for Instagram Reels, this is what most businesses use to market their product these days and you don’t want to be left behind with no sales.

I poured out all the secrets that give every design I made the “WOW” effect, if you learn this course with your heart, you will begin to get more positive reactions from your Bag-making business, from more customers to more positive comments and most importantly you will feel fulfilled that you are growing and getting better in the field that you have chosen.